How to get GitHub stars for your repository

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What people say


Tomer Barnea

CEO @ Novu

Nevo has achieved great growth for Novu in a remarkably short time. His creative, and practical strategies have resulted in immediate and tangible results.


Nicklas Gellner

COO @ Medusa

Nevo is an outstanding Growth Engineer. He really understands how to create traction around a developer products and his results speak for themselves!


Zevi Reinitz

Head of Product Marketing @ Livecycle

The content is clear, creative and practical, and can have an immediate impact, highly recommend to anyone looking to grow their Github library.


Michael Solati

DevRel @ Amplication

Nevo's knowledge and expertise in building communities, engaging with developers, and reaching out to them wherever they are, is invaluable.


Teja Kummarikuntla

Developer Advocate @ ToolJet

Nevo's thoughts were insightful, his ideas and strategies are experimented with regular improvements towards the growth of GitHub stargazers and contributors


Matija Sosic

CEO @ Wasp Lang

Nevo fundamentally changed how we approach dev marketing and made it a whole-team activity that we all enjoy because we see the momentum.

GitHub Stars? Why do I need them?

GitHub stars are a vanity metric. Looking at it as a pure metric, it means little (except credibility).

But when you have a long-term strategy (legit) to get stars, you'll get more contributors, members, and overall growth for your open source project

In the last year, I have helped over 1000+ people to get more stars and visibility on their projects on github without:

  • Raising funds
  • Spending money on paid channels
  • Having a big followers list on social media
  • Have prior marketing knowledge

Here is what you will learn here:

  1. Attracting contributors - When thinking about open-source, you think about developer communities and need the power to absorb them, and respond to feedback to grow. I will show you how you can perfect your file and create github issues that will attract contributors.
  2. Writing content that converts - using the right tools, you can write content that gets up to 10k views per week (without SEO) and direct this content directly to your GitHub repository gaining lot of visitors with a CTA to start it.
  3. Building side projects - You can use multiple hacks to convert users without changing your main product.
  4. Creating events - Creating a simple attractive events that go beyond your target audience (movements) and allow you to create a big buzz around your open source community.
  5. Growth Hacking tricks - Many growth hacking tricks can get you a lot of traffic quickly and visitors to your repository.
  6. Be on the GitHub trending list - With simple tactics you can get into GitHub trending repositories feed and get a massive amount of stars, contributors and traffic.

Everything is free, and forever be free.

How do I know it's working?

Hi! My name is Nevo, and I am the Head of Growth at Novu.

In the last year, we have managed to get Novu to 20,000 stars. check star history.
Something that usually takes years / never for other libraries/companies.

It was no luck; we didn't have many followers (influence). had never paid for ADS,
and didn't have time to wait for SEO to kick in.

I have seen many developers struggling to promote their libraries and bigger ones just "stuck"

Please, let me help (what do you have to lose?) 😇

Let's connect over twitter @nevodavid

Nevos Stars